How we started

In February 1997 a group of dedicated individuals met in Halifax, Nova Scotia to discuss how to honor performers and others who had made major contributions to the country music industry in Nova Scotia. From the efforts of this group, the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame had its beginning. The first performers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame were Hank Snow and Wilf Carter. Presently we have 42 individuals and groups inducted into the Hall of Fame, four of whom are honorary members. Each year we induct new members to our Hall of Fame.

Our Goals

  • 1

    To establish and maintain a permanent Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

  • 2

    To develop and promote public interest in old time fiddling, country and bluegrass music in Nova Scotia

  • 3

    The preservation and public display of artifacts and memorabilia of those inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

  • 4

    To encourage nominations for induction into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

Our Commitment

As members of the NSCMHF we are committed to the preservation, promotion and development of country music in Nova Scotia, and the continuing recognition of deserving performers and others who have made an impact on the country music industry.

Latest Inductees


It goes without saying that it is an honor to have been inducted into the NSCMHF in 2004. This is an organization of dedicated people who have been raising the profile of artists like myself through their many hours hard work. I’ve met so many like-minded people at the yearly induction ceremony that I may not have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting. I urge everyone who loves bluegrass and old time country music to get involved with this organization.

Joyce Seamone

I just want to say what a special event the directors of the NSCMHF presented for the induction ceremony I was so honored to be a part of in September 2012. I started singing at a very young age. The evening will forever be a special memory for me. I am so honored to be a NSCMHF inductee, recognized for my singing. I have shared the stage with some of the greatest talent through the years and have always been so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities.

Jo-Ann Spicer

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