Ruby Daley

Inducted in 2022

Born in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Ruby's vocal talents developed at a young age, singing in the kitchen of her grandparents' home, accompanied by her uncles on guitar. By age fourteen, she was featured on CBC radio and television.

In 1988, at the age of 22, Ruby won the Maritime Open Singing Contest in New Brunswick and in 1990 she won the Bud Country Talent Search in Niagara Falls. A year later, in 1991 she won the Downeaster Talent Search in Dartmouth and in 1992 Ruby won the Nova Scotia Bud Talent Search and the Star Track Maritimes Talent Search. That same year Ruby won the Nashville Network's "Be A Star" talent show, taking home the $50,000.00 grand prize. She appeared on that show four times.

By 1993 Ruby had moved from Talent Search Competitions to live performances such as the Ralph Emery Show, the Joan Kennedy Show, Nashville Now and also appeared on the gospel portion of the Grand Ole Opry. Around that time one of her songs entitled “Thousand Yesterdays" was released as a video single on CMT.

Ruby released an album in 1993 entitled "What If" which she recorded at the Reflection Studios in Nashville. It was produced by Tom McKillip. Three songs were released as singles from that album including the lead-off single "The Lucky Ones" which listed as No. 30 on the January, 1994 issue of Country Music News. The other singles from that album were: "Hurricane" and "Feels Like a Broken Heart".

Ruby moved to Alberta in 2004 but a combination of health problems forced her to return to Nova Scotia where she passed away on April 16, 2016 - a legend in her all too short life.

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