Edward Melanson

Inducted in 2013

Edward Irvine Melanson, known by the stage name "Eddy M. Melanson" was born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and taught himself to play a guitar given to him by his uncle.
Eddy M. developed a rockin' hillbilly sound he used for the next sixty years in his musical career. In the early years Eddy M. and his band, "The Rock-a-Billys" played the "Country Jump Blues" music all over the Maritimes. A highlight for Eddy and his band was a call to tour with and open for Bill Haley and the Comets.
A move to Ontario began another segment of Eddy's musical career including the group "Eddy M. and the Miracles" touring Ontario, the Maritimes and the USA. Eddy shared the stage over the years with several Nashville greats including Buddy Knox, The Fendermen, and Conway Twitty. 

Following their marriage in 1964, Eddy M. and Melva developed a recreational business "Melanson recreation" where his group "Eddy M. and the Memories" played every Saturday night. This group became the hottest band in the area for many years.

Over the years Eddy recorded many albums, tapes & CDs with his various bands in Canada and Nashville with original material including "Pardon Me But I'm Going Back Home", "Your Love Fades With Time", and "Eddy M. is Back Again" to name a few.

Eddy M. was presented the Stompin' Tom award by the ECMA in 2006, inducted into the Order of the Porcupine Hall of Fame in 2012 and the Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame in Nashville as an original Canadian rock-a-billy. He appeared on CBC TV, CJCH TV and on radio across Canada and the USA. In 2003 Eddy joined the broadcast team at CFBW in Hanover, Ontario as a DJ.
Eddy and his wife Melva retired in Ayton, Ontario where he still continues to record in his home recording studio. 

Eddy M. quoted:
"It's a great honour to return to my native Nova Scotia and be inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame completing the circle of a life well lived through the magic of music".
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Song "Canada, A Place For You And Me".

From Eddy M Melanson: "I first recorded this song on a limited edition album in 1982 (e-bay). Now 35 years later, at the age of 78, I've re-recorded it with my family as a tribute to this wonderful country we call home.

"Many thanks to my son Devin for making this possible, my wife Melva and daughter Darlene for helping with the vocals, and special thanks to you for listening."

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