Ross Broughm

Inducted in 2010

Ross Broughm was born in Lockeport, N.S. in 1933. He developed a love of music at an early age largely through the influence and encouragement of his mother, an accomplished pianist, father and five siblings (Harley, Arthur, Evangeline, Bobby and Richard). At age 9, Ross began playing guitar and played locally at every opportunity from concerts to garden parties. 

Ross became the most versatile guitarist in Eastern Canada providing solid rhythm and solo guitar playing for bands of all genres. This led to his appearance on radio stations across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. 

In 1976 Ross was awarded the Canadian Guitarist of the Year award in Montreal, Quebec. Due to his exceptional mastery of finger style guitar, Ross was extremely popular with showmen from down South and was sought after by many American groups on tour. Ross made his television debut on the ever-popular Don Messer Show on CBC. He then joined CJCH-TV in Halifax and also appeared weekly with the Countrymen, a background group for TV and road concerts. Ross was a staff musician for CHAU-TV in Carleton, Quebec and later moved to Antigonish, Nova Scotia where he worked as a musician and cameraman for the local cable station and met Rosena who became his wife.

Ross regularly wrote arrangements and material for many local and national shows. As a result, mail was received from across Canada praising his talents.

In his retirement, Ross used his musical talent to entertain and uplift those in retirement homes, did fundraising for worthy causes and brought enjoyment to those around him. He passed along his love for music to his four children; Sharon, Merle, Barbara and Kevin. Ross passed away in 2009 and is missed very much by his family and the musical community.

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