The Nova Scotia Ramblers

Inducted in 2004

The Nova Scotia Ramblers have been performing old-time country and gospel music since 1964. They began as the Nova Scotia Playboys with original members Fred Isenor and Bruce Beeler. They changed their names in 1980 to the Nova Scotia Ramblers, because women were joining the band, and "Playpersons" just did not sound right. The Ramblers have recorded several albums including their first, "Authentic Country Sounds" in 1964. They also recorded "The Sunny Side of Life" in 1981 and "Having Fun With Bluegrass" in 1986, which included the song entitled, "The Ramblers", Fred's personal view of the band. Their music is straight forward and uncomplicated with emphasis on the melodies and the stories told in song. Playing throughout Nova Scotia, the Ramblers are still seen performing at different festivals with current members Fred Isenor, Carl Dalrymple, Bonnie Ashley, Bill Babineau and John Simms.
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