Hugh A. MacDonald

Inducted in 2003

Hugh A. MacDonald, known as (Hughie number 11) and as "The Polka King" was born in Lanark, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Antigonish is a musical crossroads of great importance and a starting point for the history of Canadian fiddle records beginning with Hugh being one of the first fiddlers to record Scottish fiddle music in Canada back in the 1930s.

Hugh was a pioneer recording artist and for his importance to the tradition and contribution to the music industry was awarded a Stompin' Tom Connors award at the 2001 ECMA's.

Hugh played the fiddle and the piano from a young age coming from a family of musicians. He recorded on 78 rpm in 1932 some of the most popular tunes, "The Honeymoon Polka", "The Crooked Stovepipe" and "The Starlight Waltz".

He recorded Scottish fiddle music in 1935 and 1936 on the Celtic Music label. He passed away in 1976 but has passed on his family's musical talents to his well-known grandchildren Kendra and Troy MacGillivray.


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