Alonzo Marsh

Inducted in 2002

Alonzo Joseph Marsh was born in New Waterford, Nova Scotia on December 19, 1919. He began his career on CJCB Sydney Radio and continued his radio show while recording for Melotone and Apex Records during the 1940's. He was known by many Cape Bretoner's as the Radio Ranger. Alonzo and his father, Fred, co-wrote a number of songs together. Some of his favorite songs were Molly Bond, An Old Castle In Scotland, Little Darlin' I'm Here in Korea, I Know What it Means to be Lonesome and My Old Brown Coat and Me. Alonzo married Jean Cameron of New Waterford and had seven children. They moved to Ontario with their five children in the mid 50's where two more children joined the family. He continued to work and entertain on a part-time basis at many local nightclubs, which included the Main Street Jamboree in Hamilton. Every summer vacation meant a return to family in Cape Breton and at least one performance or show on CJCB. Many evenings in Ontario were spent with visitors from Cape Breton, including Hank Snow, for whom he often performed the opening act for his shows in the Southern Ontario Region. Alonzo passed away March 24, 1973 leaving musical memories passed down to his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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