Vic Mullen

Inducted in 2001

Vic Mullen was born in Yarmouth County. Nova Scotia on January 28, 1933. His family was musical and he first learned to play guitar followed by the mandolin, fiddle and 5-string banjo. He got his first professional job at the age of 16 playing mandolin with Ned Landry and has been a full time musician his entire adult life.  During the 1950s, Vic worked with several artists in Ontario and in United States  with Charlie Bailey and Ken Mackenzie. In the late 1950s Vic worked with Kidd Baker but left to form a bluegrass band with Brent Williams, Harry Cromwell and Angus Walker known as The Birch Mountain Boys. They disbanded in 1961 when Vic headed the house band on the CJCH/TV show Jamboree He also headed The Bluenose Boys on the CTV Network Cross-Canada Barn Dance.

In 1962 Vic joined Don Messcr's Jubilee on CBC and staved for six years. Liter Vic put together his own CBC TV show called Country-time that went on the air in 1970. He also hosted a CBC Radio show called Country Roads. During these years he put together a hand called the Hickorys for the TV show and later a band called Meadowgreen with which he toured the country several years during the 70's and 80's.

Vic was A&R man lot Rodeo Records for many years and looked after the recording of a great many Nova Scotia artists. He also had an extensive recording career of his own with many releases as well as recording with many others as a sideman. He continues full time in music both as a musician and teacher and still tours across Canada each summer.

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