Frederick Lawrence (Ned) Landry

Inducted in 2000

Frederick Lawrence (Ned) Landry was born in Saint John, New Brunswick on February 2, 1921. His first musical instrument was the harmonica, which he learned to play at a very young age. By age eight he was already making personal appearances playing harmonica and step dancing. He used to play his uncle's fiddle, which he was not supposed to touch, but finally his aunt had him an old fiddle and he was soon playing all the old tunes. Ned joined Don Messer & His New Brunswick Lumberjacks in the mid 1930's playing harmonica and fiddle. By this time he could also sing and play the guitar. In 1939 Messer moved to CFCY Charlottetown to take over The Islanders. At 18 Ned started leading the New Brunswick Lumberjacks and continued playing on CHSJ Saint John. In 1952 he signed a contract to record for RCA and his records became very popular. As well as old standards he recorded many of his own tunes such as Ontario Swing, Bowing The Strings and a great vocal on The Lumberjack Waltz. He has now composed more than 500 tunes. In 1956 while in Ontario with Big Slim he entered the North American Fiddling Championship and won in two classes. He returned in 1957 winning again as he did on his final visit in 1962. Ned has received many honors over the years. He was inducted into the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame in Redford, N.Y. in 1981. On July 2, 1983 he was inducted in the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame in Fredericton, N.B. and on April 29, 1992 he was flown to Ottawa to receive The Order of Canada.


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