Tex Cochrane

Inducted in 1998

Gordon D. "Tex" Cochrane was born in Sweet's Corner. Nova Scotia on June 14, 1914. While in school he learned to play guitar with the help of Cecil and Leslie Flynn. The family was aware of his musical ability and an older brother. Aubrey, bought him a guitar In 1935 Tex started broadcasting on CHNS in Halifax but soon moved to CFCY in Charlottetown which at the time was the top station in the Maritime Provinces. Here he got better promotion and coverage. Tex soon got a sponsor in Mother's Own Tea who soon gave him a raise in pay when then sales doubled, he was later sponsored by Davis & Lawrenc Pharmaceutical of Montreal. During this time Tex also played with George Chappelle & The Merry Islanders who were on CFCY and also heard coast to coast on the CBC. In 1937 LA. (Art) McDonald of CFCY knew that due to Tex's popularity he should be recording and suggested this to A. Hugh Joseph who was A & R man for the Canadian division of RCA Victor. Mr. Joseph agreed and the records sold well enough that he was given a better royalty deal on his sessions in 1938 and 1939. In 1939 Don Messer was brought to CFCY to take over the Islanders and Tex remained until joining the army in 1940. In spite of his popularity Tex never resumed his career in music but remained in the army and retired in 1963 with the rank of Major. After the army he worked in the trucking industry finally retiring as Manager of Sales & Public Relations for the transport division of the McCain Foods empire. In the 1980's Tex was surprised to find he was still remembered and that collectors all over the world were trying to locate his old recordings. He was contacted by Cattle Records in Germany and in 1985 they re-issued his old RCA material.
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