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2007 Inductees

Roy and Frances RudolphRoy and Frances Rudolph

Roy Rudolph was born in Halifax, January 3, 1927. At the age of eight he began singing in concerts. For the next six years he was a regular performer on "The Unkle Mel's Junior Radio Stars" which aired live weekly on CHNS.

Starting around 1941 Roy was part of "The Concert Party Guild of Halifax." The Guild entertained the military troops stationed in the Halifax Dartmouth area as well as those who were on ships in the Harbour. They also entertained troops stationed in Debert, Aldershot and Greenwood. Roy did a few shows on the road with George Seymore, later known as Randy Stewart of "The Hillbilly Jewels."

In the mid 40s Roy and Bill Whelan had a live weekly show on CJCH. During this period Roy also played the A. J. Walker chain of theaters throughout Nova Scotia. In 1946 Roy, then known as "The Rhythm Ranger," toured the Maritimes with the "Bill Lynch Show." He was also guest vocalist on the "Billy Reid Show" several times. In the late 40s Roy did a lot of guest spots for the conventions at the Lord Nelson and the Nova Scotian hotels in Halifax.

 It was during the time Roy was entertaining the troops with "The Halifax Entertainment Guide" that he met Frances Conrad, an accomplished yodeler. Roy and Frances formed a duo and were married in 1952. they performed at many variety shows, conventions, exhibitions, Legions, military service clubs, hospitals and nursing home throughout the province. In 1954 Fran and Roy formed "The Melody Trail Show" featuring "The Melody Trail Riders." They also had a live weekly radio show on CKEN, Kentville. They also appeared on the CBC program "Pick The Stars."

Roy started writing songs at age sixteen. Between 1956 and 1958 he recorded three of his songs with Rodeo Records, "Streamliner," "I Can't Go On Without You" and Miracle at Springhill." Fran recorded "Footsteps of a Fool" and a duet with Roy, "I'll Fight The World" on Banff Records.

In the late 50s Roy and Fran were vocalists in "The Maritimers" which played weekly at the Olympic Gardens. During the 60s they had guest spots on the "Ned Landry Show" which played in the Dartmouth rink. Roy and Fran also made guest appearances on the CTV "Cross Canada Barndance" TV program. In the early 70s, Roy and Fran appeared on shows produced by Jerry Kendrick, CHFX FM Radio. They also did guest appear¬ances with Ralph Conrad at the Harbour Lights Cabaret in Dartmouth.   Roy and Fran live in Dartmouth.

Lynne CrowellLynne Crowell

Lynne Crowell was born in 1952 in Barrington, Nova Scotia. Her passion for music started early and she began singing publicly at the age of three. Since then she's been a non-stop singer and songwriter with a career spanning more then 50 years.

After her high school Glee Club appeared on CBC's "High Society," Lynne was asked back to appear on other shows as a special guest, fuelling her desire to pursue a career in music. The connections in Halifax landed her a provincial tour with the then popular group "The Five Sound." Appearances on several CBC TV shows followed, including "Country Time," "Where It's At" and "New Year's East."

Throughout the 1970s and '80s, Lynne continued as a lead vocalist in several country, folk, bluegrass and spiritual groups, including "The Notre Dame Folk Choir," "Pier 4," "Hi Grass" and "Cellar Blue." In 1979, "Evergreen" was formed, performing at hund­reds of shows and festivals. The band, which includes long-time friends Don Randell and Loran Varner, continues to entertain at special events.

Lynne has released five CDs, starting in 1999 with "I Don't Mind The Rain," a compil­ation of original country songs. December of that same year she released a single "Our Christmas Memories." This was followed in 2000 with a special recording for the Inter­national Lighthouse Conference hosted by the South Shore Tourism Association. In 2004 she released "Outside The Lines" featuring "The Rainbow Ranch Boys," Kayton Roberts and Roger Carroll. "Our Salute to the Veterans and War Brides" was released in 2006 by "The Evergreen Trio," which includes music from the first and second world wars.

A promoter and ambassador of Nova Scotia's music and way of life, Lynne has been a long-time volunteer with the Friends of Hank Snow Society since the early 1990s. She continues to support the organization today, including regular performances at the Hank Snow Tribute concerts. She has also been recognized for her nearly three decades of volunteer support to the South Shore Tourism Association. Lynne also donates her time and talents to numerous benefit concerts across the Maritimes.

Lynne continues to live in Barrington, only a short distance from the small cottage where she was raised. She's still writing, recording, performing and appearing on tele­vision and radio, and hopes to do so for many years to come.

Keith RossKeith Ross

Keith was about twelve years old when he and his brother were both given a calf to raise by their father. When he was sixteen the calf, now full grown, was sold and with the money, Keith bought his first guitar and amplifier. The guitar was a Harmony arched top electric from the T. Eaton Co. Keith started playing guitar in a dance band in the Windsor area in 1952. Then in 1956 he started playing fiddle with a country music group, for a time play­ing in both bands, sometimes on the same night. Eventually the fiddle won out and Keith played fiddle with a country band called "The Acadians" all through the 60's and 70's.

In the early 70 's Keith formed his own band, "The Novas," playing mostly in clubs and bars with Keith on lead guitar. By 1982 Keith was getting tired of the bar scene and decided to get serious about the fiddle. He started enter­ing fiddle contests, won some and placed well in others. He also began his recording career in 1982 when he recorded "Swinging Fiddles" with fidd­lers Bill Guest and Ivan Hicks. In 1995 this trio did another record, "Swing Fiddles in Nashville" with two of the world's best, Buddy Spicher and Vassar Clements doing guest appearances.Jim performed throughout Canada's northwest for a number of years, recording "Hard Times in the Maritimes" and "Lots of Tequila" during this time. Don stayed at home and continued writing, including the song, "A Pictou County Christmas." This song became the title song of the 1996 "Christmas Daddies" CD. In 1999 the Haggarts released their "Greatest Hits" CD.

In 1980 Keith started releasing his own recordings under his own label, K&B Productions. He and his wife have their own studio where he records his own projects plus for other artists as well. Over the years Keith has played in dance bands, show bands and bluegrass bands as well as doing session work on other artists' recordings. For the past ten years Keith has been teaching music, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass and rhythm piano.

Some of the highlights of Keith's career are: playing with the great Graham Townsend on CBC TV, on stage in New York with Chubby Wise, playing in front of 6000 people on Padre Island and at the end of the set getting a standing ovation, being named "Honorary American Winter Texan Music­ian" in 2005, recording in Nashville with some of the best musicians in the world just to name a few. Keith continues to release a new recording every year, the latest "Salute to Fiddling Greats." Keith and his wife winter in Southern Texas.


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