Ralph Conrods

Inducted in 2023

Born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Ralph Conrod began playing the guitar at the age of 6 years and as a young teenager made his first public appearance at the Beech Hill Dance Hall with Roy Currie.

In 1971, by the time Ralph was 31 years of age, he won a silver trophy at a talent competition sponsored by CHFX FM in his home city. This was followed shortly thereafter by a gold trophy also sponsored by CHFX FM. That same year, in 1971, Ralph formed his first band known as “Ralph Conrod and the Wranglers”. They were one of the many bands to entertain at The Harbour Lights Lounge in Halifax, which was known, at that time, as the largest and most modern night spot on the east coast.

In 1973 he recorded his first album entitled “Down East Country” and the following year, in 1974, he recorded a second album entitled “Country Memories”. Both albums were recorded on Marathon Records.

In 1976 Ralph was pleased to be part of a country music spectacular held in a local high school in Dartmouth where he performed along with several other well known country music artists of the day with over 1000 people in attendance for the show.

A very professional, well-liked performer with a great stage presence and a flair for entertaining, Ralph became known for his ability to yodel and went on to form a band called “Country Fever” performing all over Canada - extensively in the Halifax area, at most of the country hot spots and throughout parts of the USA.

Over the years, Ralph shared billings with Charlie Pride, Anne Murray, Stompin’ Tom, Tom T. Hall, Ian Tyson and Ned Landry among others. Ralph died in 2019 at the age of 78.

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Lady (Lionel Ritchie)

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