Blain Henshaw

Inducted in 2017

From a country home in Waldeck, Nova Scotia, through the country backroads and cities large and small, Blain Henshaw has a wide perspective on living life to the fullest and of putting his experiences and aspirations in words to create a song to which many of us can relate.

Blain has penned more than 100 songs, most of which tell of his own life experiences and living in general - songs such as Just a Country Boy, Slice of Life, Fundy Tides (Are Calling Me Back Home), The Man It's Made of Me or Lost on Life's Highway. He recorded much of his music through Capital Music of Canada, but he is also a self-publisher. He has recorded 3 full length CDs and a Christmas CD of his own songs - a total of 36 songs.

Other Artists such as Orval Prophet, Theresa Cleary, the Post Family and Johnny Gold, have also recorded Blain's work.

Blain is not only a songwriter and supporter of country music, but some of his music also fits easily into the folk and ballad style of lyric. Many of his songs tell a story about history and events in history all of which he has set to music. Songs such as All Hands Lost - (a story about the sinking of the ship Novadoc) or My Friend Joe (a Tribute to Joe Graves).

Blain's first live radio performance was in 1958 from the Digby County Fair at the age of 12. Today, besides song writing, he is a former media consultant with the Government of Nova Scotia, a broadcaster, and a promoter and advocate for Atlantic Songwriters and Performers. Since October 2016, he has hosted Maritime Express, a weekly half hour show on Seaside FM, which features exclusively Atlantic Canadian performers. Blain also finds time to volunteer at fundraisers, jamborees and concerts.

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Country Music in My Soul

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