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Inductees into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame


2016 2015  

Jamie Cotter

Hal Bruce
George Longard
George Canyon

2014 2013 2012
Gordon Stobbe
Robert Bouchard
Cindy Church

Brent Williams
Edward Melanson
Gerald (Jerry) Murphy
Robert Fralic
Clifford Manley

"Country" Bill Huey
Jo-Ann Newman (Honorary)
Paul Moulaison
Anne Murray

2011 2010 2009
Frank Spinney
Lloyd Tattrie

Bradford Bruce
Ross Broughm
The Spinney Brothers (Honorary)

Dale Verge
Floyd Spicer

2008 2007 2006
Cye Steele
George "Hank" MacDonald
Johnny Gold (Honorary)
Roy and Frances Rudolph
Lynne Crowell
Keith Ross
Chet Brown
Rita MacNeil
Jim and Don Haggart
Leonard McDonald
2005 2004 2003
Merlin(Joe) Anthony Waye
Lorimer Higgins
James(Jim) Joseph Hamilton
Robert Enos Joudrey
Lloyd "Big Boots" Langille
The Nova Scotia Ramblers
Joyce Seamone
Ivan Hicks (Honorary)
Carroll Baker
Carl Elliott
Hugh A. Macdonald.
Eric Bowers
2002 2001 2000
Reg Smith
Alonzo Marsh
Earl Mitton
The Downeasters
Vic Mullen
Fiddlin' Jim Hamm
Hillbilly Jewels
Smilin' Ivan Dorey
Ken Davidson
Colin J. Boyd
Ned Landry (Honorary)
1999 1998 1997
The Boutilier Brothers
William "Billy" Whelan
Angus Chisholm
Ron Scott
Don Messer (Honorary)
Gordon D "Tex" Cochrane
Hank Snow
Wilf Carter

Each year the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame decides on the number of individuals or groups to be inducted. After the nomination deadline, the Board prepares a short list of nominees from the nominations received. This list of names is sent to a seven member judging panel. Based on the number to be inducted, the judge’s selections determine who the inductees will be.

For more information on the nomination and judging process, use the Contact Us page on this web site.

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